Juralco are well known in the building & home improvement space for their aluminium-fabricated products. What most people might not realise is that Juralco actually have a diverse range of brands – including HomePlus, Sunray, Winterglaze, Sanctuary and Amplimesh. In early 2016, Juralco released their latest collection of innovative products – Bask Outdoor Living Systems.

When Juralco came to Toast with their new product launch we knew that it needed to be modern and cutting edge. We designed and produced a brand from the ground up that would represent Bask Outdoor Living Systems at their finest.

Working along side Juralco, we finalised the brand of their new range. We then rolled out their remaining print and digital strategy including stationery, brochures and a new website featuring the video of their first campaign.

Analytics have shown that with the updated websites we have provided, Juralcos organic search results have out performed their paid results on Google.

Toast came along at just the right time to help us revamp our digital and print look. I worked with them throughout the whole process and loved how, even though I’m not super-techy, they never made me feel like an idiot! They worked well with the mix of personalities on our team, and just seemed to magically get stuff done. I found they were open to suggestions, working with what we wanted, and very approachable, but what I appreciated most was their creativity … they always have such great ideas!

Joanna Wellwood - Sales and Marketing Coordinator