Healthy Auckland Together (HAT) is a coalition of 21 organisations including local government, health agencies and community groups who have come together to help overcome Auckland’s obesity problem by changing the environment we live in.

They came to us with a collection of statistics about how our neighbourhood, transport, food, school and work environments impact on obesity and asked us to come up with an easy to understand and visually appealing way to show how changing these environments can make us all healthier.

We started with a website that was friendly and informative for the end user, ensuring that they could access the information needed to build and contribute to building a Healthy Auckland Together. With a playful colour palette, the website was sectioned out to differentiate a variety of information and content throughout the users journey.

We then crafted an infographic of our existing neighbourhood that illustrated these negative environmental factors alongside an eye-opening neighbourhood transformed by the vision that HAT sees for a healthier Auckland. We pulled this information together with inventive icons that bring the key statistics to life. With a bright and clean look, the artwork was complimented by the responsive website forming the basis for an inspiring and compelling campaign.