MegaFloor is a New Zealand designed and developed range of diamond polished floor finishes brought to us by Polished Concrete.

A refinement of raw natural elements, unlocking the natural beauty of regional aggregates that are hidden in a conventional building material, resulting in a high strength, durable, and fashionable surface.


Polished Concrete has been a loyal client to Toast for over 5 years. When they came to us with their new product launch of MegaFloor, we knew it had to represent everything they stand for: form, function & fashion.

Our client had a very clear brief: create a brand that reflects a new standard for polished concrete floor finishes, designed, and developed to meet New Zealand conditions.

To do this, we spent time with the client understanding the work they do and the value that their solution brings. Using a combination of the technology, the scale of their capability, and the product they offer, we developed some concepts that were not only appealing and straightforward for the target audience to understand, but also allowed them to outshine their competitors.






The next challenge was to bring the brand to life with the use of beautiful design, clean imagery, simple messages, and a story that draws the customer in. We developed a website, infographics, brochures, data sheets, business cards, vehicle signage and a social media presence that is visually stunning and instantly recognisable.

MegaFloor now sets the standard in the industry with their newly designed online presence as well as overall brand reflection.