TASHI™ is a Premium 100% natural plant-based protein. It fuels performance, nourishes digestive health and supports weight management goals.
Their aim is to help kick-start people's journey towards better health, through quality protein together with vital supporting nutrients.

They came to us in early 2016 looking for a fresh, new look that represented the quality product that they have to offer. Unlike a lot of proteins In todays market, TASHI™ is a premium plant protein and is 100% natural. This means it not only satisfies hunger, fuels performance and aids muscle growth but also provides significant health benefits. The client asked us to create a brand, packaging and supporting elements that would represent and educate consumers of these values.


The fitness and protein industry is a competitive market and we needed to ensure that the new TASHI™ products would stand out above all others.
With TASHI’s wide range of health benefits and nutritional information, we needed to ensure that this did not clutter the packaging and that a consumer could absorb crucial facts and information without feeling overwhelmed.






We were determined on this project to make the end result captivating. We crafted a brand and packaging that would stand out on the shelves. Using a bright, friendly colour palette with a crisp white label we created a bold, fresh appeal that showcases the key benefits and nutritional information that makes TASHI™ unique in their market. We then rolled out their new look across a range of collateral including brochures, flyers and refreshed graphics for their website.

The TASHI™ brand has had a massive turn around, Toast turned it in to a slick brand with great packaging and a fresh, modern online presence. Its new look is leaving a never-to-be forgotten impression on consumer’s minds nation wide.